〓 Simplified Chisso Gas Phase PP Process

? Low Investment Cost

? Low Operating Cost

? High Product Quality

Chisso Gas Phase Polypropylene Process features the use of a horizontal agitated reactor and the high performance JPP Catalyst. This process provides high performance and wide ranging products with competitive investment and operation costs. The right of license was given to Japan Polypropylene Corporation (JPP) which is a PP joint venture between Chisso and Mitubishi Chemical Corporation.

Comparison between CSTR and Chisso Horizontal Reactor

〓 The Chisso Horizontal Reactor

? Plug Flow Movement

? Heat Removal by Evaporative Cooling

? Mild Mechanical Agitation

? Advantages for ICP w/ only 2 Reactors

? Rapid Grade Transition

? Maximized Catalyst Activity

? High Productivity

? Uniform & Stable Temperature Control

Supreme Performance and Quality for Impact Copolymer, R-TPO

Importance of Plug Flow Characteristics for Impact Copolymer

Plug Flow Concept

〓 Catalyst & Polymerization Technology

JPP Advanced Catalyst Technology

Catalyst Particle Size Distribution of JPP's Catalyst

? High Activity

? High & Tailored Stereo-Regularity

? Exellent Morphology,Less Fines

◇ Integration of Catalyst, Polymerization & Manufacuturing Technologies of JPP bring Superior Product

Capability of Impact Copolymer

Ethylene/Propylene Rubber Content

- Experiences of Reactor-Made MFR -

Comparison of Stiffness and Impact Balance of Impact Copolymer

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